Have a question? Need help using the TPA website? We’ve tried to make things as intuitive as possible but just in case, here you’ll find answers to the most common questions and problems, updated regularly as we make changes and add new features. If after browsing the categories you still can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us


  1. How many photographs can I submit for the contest?
    You can submit upto 20 images.
  1. How much does it cost to submit one photograph?
    For Early bird period  per photograph will  costs RM23 (approx USD$5) per entry. Early bird period will end on 02 February 2016.
    From 03 February – 31 March 2016 the cost will be RM30(approx USD$7)
  1. I live in Reykjavik, can I still participate?
    As long as the photograph was shot in Asia & continent of Australia in the last 3 years, you could live anywhere, but still participate.
  1. Wait, how old do I have to be to participate?
    You need to be fourteen (18) and above to participate
  1. I love entering my beautiful photographs in contests, can I enter the photos I have submitted here, in other contests or vice versa?
    Yes you can submit photographs even if it has participated in other contests and won any awards.
  2. Can i submit mobile phone photos.                                                               Yes.
  3. How do I upload my image?
    Really simple

    1. Register
    2. Activate your account according to the email we send you.
    3. Login
    4. Click on upload on the upper right corner of the page.
    5. Click on browse or drag images to the window.
    6. Upload the selected image. Add caption and description. You MUST tag ONE Category for your each photograph. You have options to Save (You can submit later) or Submit.
    7. Once you are ready for submission. Go to your SAVED images and click submit. Now you select by clicking on the image. It will turn green. Select all the desired images and click “To Payment Gateway”
    8. Choose your payment method.
    9. Fill all the required fields and submit the payment.
    10. Once your payment is successful, please DO NOT close the window or click anything. The window will redirect you to Travel Photographer Asia page (This can take up to 40-60 seconds). This will confirm that your payment has been completed and images uploaded. You will also receive a confirmation email.
    11. For participants from Malaysia with Malaysian Bank Accounts can use from payment gateway to pay via local banks.
    12. If you paid for your entries before 6th Jan 2016 your entries only appear  online on 6th Jan 2016.

If you still face problems please contact us


  1. Why do I need an account?
    You need an account to upload your images
  1. How do I register?
    Click on registration
  1. What happens if I forget my password?
    Click on forgot password



  1. How many photographs can I submit for the contest?
    For Early bird period (15th Dec 2015-31stJan 2016)  per photograph will  costs RM23 (approx USD$5) per entry.Early bird period finish on 31st January 2016
    From 1st Feb 2016-30th March 2016) the cost will be RM30 (approx USD$7)
  1. Are there restrictions on file types and sizes?
    Images must be uploaded in JPEG format and be saved in the RGB colour model. The file size must be between 800KB to  2MB. If you do need to resize your images and make the file size smaller but do not have suitable software you can also use http://www.resize.it/
  1. What are tags?
    Tags are key words or phrases that you can choose to an image to make it easier to find. You can select only one tags from a pre-defined list when uploading or editing an image.
  1. How do I delete an image?
    Once submitted and paid for, an image cant be deleted, unless it is a valid reason. Each case will be considered on a case basis.
  2. I have uploaded an image- Why does it not appear on the website?
    Once an image has been uploaded, it will be approved by the moderators within 24 hours. Once approved, it will be published on the website.
  3. What happens if I don’t get approval?
    In case your photograph is not approved because of a valid reason, you will receive an email informing you of the same. You can then log in and change that image with a new image. The image will go through the approval process.
  4. Can I change or edit an image after I have submitted it and it has been approved?
    No, once submitted the images can’t be edited or changed.
  5. Is Middle East part of Asia?                                                                                 Yes of course.



  1. What is the deadline to enter the TPA2016
    Entries will be accepted from 15th Dec2015 – 30th March 2016. For the purpose of this contest, the promoters will be following Malaysia Standard Time.
  1. How much does it cost to enter the TPA 2016?
    For Early bird period (15th Dec 2015-31stJan 2016)  per photograph will  costs RM23 (approx USD$5) per entry.Early bird period finish on 31st January 2016
    From 1st Feb 2016-30th March 2016) the cost will be RM30 (approx USD$7)
  1. How do I pay?
    You can pay via Pay Pal, credit cards & if you are paying through Malaysian bank account you can Direct Debit  Transfers through online Payment gateway.
  1. How many images can I enter?
    You can enter up to 20 images
  1. How do I submit my images?
    All images should be submitted via the Travel Photographer Asia | The Photo Contest 2016 website
  1. Does my image need to be taken in a certain time frame?
    Photographs need to have been taken in the last 3 years.
  1. Can I submit manipulated images?
    Entrants may use digital manipulation to optimise and/or crop images, adjust brightness, contrast and colour balance or retouch dust spots.Images may also be sharpened and multiple exposures in camera will be allowed.However, entrants may not use composite or montage photographs produced from more than one original image. Nor may they add or remove elements which would otherwise appear.No HDR and heavy post manipulation images allowed.Please view the Rules & Regulations for full details
  1. Can images taken on camera phones be entered into the contest?
    Yes they can. These images should still be no smaller than 800KB in order to enter them, and a higher resolution version may still be required.
  1. Can I submit my images on a CD, URL or in a book?
    All images must be submitted online, via the website.
  1. Can I see my submitted images on the website
    You will be able to see your images on the website within 24 hours and on Facebook & Instagram within 7days of submission. All photographs will go through an approval process before being published.
  1. Who are the judges?
    We have experienced photographers as judges, you can view their profile here
  1. How can I find out the results of the contest
    Shortlisted contestants will be contacted via email and will also be announced on Website & our Facebook Page.
  1. Can I enter my image in other competitions?
    Yes. You may enter into other photography competitions, we have no exclusivity rights to your images.